Digital Assets & Marketing Materials

Member Stories & Feedback

This eBook contains continually updated member stories and customer feedback using Amaze.

A Guide to Amaze Health for HR & Benefit Managers

This eBook contains information on adding and removing employees, FAQ's and information for HR.

Video Reenactments of Amaze Encounters​

Short video re-enactments of member encounters and other ways our members use Amaze on a daily basis.

Ways You Can Use Amaze

This is a great poster to print and hang where your employees will see it. It explains what we do and what we can help with.

Set-Up Your Amaze Account

A one-page PDF with QR code for employees to set-up their Amaze account. It also explains what we do and to call if they need help.

Assets in Spanish (Española)

Post Onboarding Poster

A one-page, employee focused piece about how Amaze is there to support our members, with easy steps to contact us.

Employee PDF & QR Code

A one-page PDF with QR code to download the app and an explanation of how their plan covers the whole family.

Mental Health PDF

An employee-focused PDF to remind your employees that we're here to help with their mental health and counseling needs.